Thank You

Dear Neighbors:

"Wow! This is why we do this!" I thought to myself as I watched Abingdon Square filled with excited kids and happy parents eagerly waiting for Santa to light the holiday tree earlier this month. The sense of anticipation and joy was palpable.

Thanks to your tremendous generosity, we're completing our most successful year ever. Your big heartedness allowed us to enhance the spring and summer plantings, and add a fall planting for the first time. Over and over, you told us that the Square never looked more beautiful or cleaner. You repeatedly attended our events, as we were blessed with our best attendance ever. We're excited to do it all over again in 2016 and look forward to sharing it all with you. Thank you again for a marvelously green, clean and fun-filled 2015!

Wishing you many more memorable moments in the Square in 2016!


Todd Hittle
Chairman, Board of Directors