Established: 1836—Third oldest park in New York City.

Acres: 0.22


Prominent Horticultural Features

  • 13 London Plane trees, New York City’s most abundant shade trees, dominate the Square. There are over 900,000 such trees across the city’s five boroughs, representing 15% of its tree population. The London Plane is an ideal city tree—fast-growing, tolerant of pollutants and pruning, and resistant to pathogens or insect pests.
  • Other trees in the Square include American Holly, Japanese Dogwood, Japanese Flowering Crab Apple, Japanese Stewartia and Red Cedar.
  • Central contoured lawn.
  • Over 40 types of plantings. Current plantings include Boxwood, Ferns, Hasta, Knockout Roses, Lariope, Verigated Lariope, and Oak Leaf Hydrangea. 
  • Plants that have been used frequently include Japanese Skimmia, Windflowers, White and Purple Coneflowers, Lady Ferns, Plantain Lilies and Foam Flowers.

Other Notable Features

  • Bronze Doughboy statue commemorating World War I servicemen.  Dedicated in 1921.
  • VFW (Veteran of Foreign Wars) Post 831, Private Michael J. Lynch Flagstaff, honoring servicemen. Dedicated in 1933.
  • Original cast iron fence (1836).
  • Original granite curbs (1836).
  • Bluestone pathways.
  • 37 cast iron column and hoof benches (circa 1850’s).
  • Cast iron light poles that replicate New York City’s 19th Century gas poles.