Our Mission

Maintaining the Square

  • Beautiful trees, perennials, grasses and other plantings
  • Benches, bluestone paths, garden posts and chains and trash receptacles
  • Historic wrought iron perimeter fence
  • Centerpiece “Doughboy” monument
  • Underground irrigation system

Promoting the Square as a Tranquil Oasis

A fundamental aspect of our mission is to promote the passive use and quiet enjoyment of the Square. The Conservancy seeks sufficient private funding so that it does not have to resort to commercial ventures within or near the Square that would disturb its quiet nature.

Fostering Community

Abingdon Square is the natural gathering place, the centerpiece of the West Village community.   In a city that can often be isolating and harsh, the Square is a place where neighbors can become friends—while sharing a bit of news or just spending quiet time together. It’s a gathering place for all ages—where seniors can reminisce about a long-gone pet while admiring a newly acquired puppy or proud parents can help their child master a wobbly lap around the statue on new roller skates. The Square is a place where moments become memories—memories we hold close as the years roll by.

Preserving the Property Value of the Surrounding Homes and Businesses

Residences located near a beautifully maintained park have greater light and views, therefore rent or sell at a premium. Maintaining a beautiful, vibrant park helps to increase the property value of the homes and businesses surrounding the Square.