Care and Maintenance

As part of our efforts to make Abingdon Square more beautiful and welcoming in all seasons, the Conservancy has embarked upon a multi-year project to increase the variety, density, and health of the plantings.  We are also focused on cleanliness and improved overall maintenance of the Square.

Planting & Gardening

Gardens of Distinction's Susan Sipos serves as the Square's Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer.  The following horticultural tasks are undertaken every season:

  • East and West beds are planted with mature evergreens and flowering shrubs - including boxwoods, yews, pieris, and azaleas;

  • Hundreds of flowering summer annuals are installed in the center island, and new shrubs and perennials planted in the perimeter beds;

  • Pruning is done on a regular basis on all understory and London Plane trees;

  • Compost, soil, and fertilizer are added to all beds spring and fall;

  • Ongoing tending to plants are performed: weeding, deadheading, pruning, and replacement;

  • Over 9.600 spring bulbs are planted in October, including tulips, windflowers, crocus, chionodoxa, galanthus and allium;

  • And eight yards of mulch is distributed to tuck in the bulbs for the winter!

Groundskeeping & Maintenance

The Conservancy employs Ramon Valdez as the Square's part-time groundskeeper.  In addition to the City's trash collection, Ramon and his crew haul out garbage and sweep in the Square 1-2 times daily during "high season" from April 1 to November 30, and provide other maintenance as needed:

  • Sweeping paths and clearing trash from gardens;

  • Hosing down bluestone paths weekly;

  • Emptying NYC trash baskets outside the Square;

  • Ongoing repair and maintenance of irrigation system;

  • Repainting post & chains around garden beds and lawn;

  • Clearing fall leaves from paths and gardens.