Your Donation at Work: Keeping the Square Green and Clean

Earlier this summer, the board of the Abingdon Square Conservancy was receiving increased feedback about our ongoing  -- and losing -- war on trash, so we decided to step up our battle to keep Abingdon Square clean!

Since July 18, additional garbage control-related services are being provided in the Square once per day at mid-day during the work week and twice a day on weekends.  The services being provided include:

  • Emptying City trash cans on the perimeter of the park and placing a liner in the can. (Three trashcans have been added to the sidewalks on the perimeter of the Square, bringing the total to 6 for the triangle in which the Square is located.)
  • Emptying trash cans on the inside of the park.
  • Sweeping up trash inside park.
  • Picking up trash in the gardens inside the park.

This service has been contracted through the remainder of the Square's "high season," ending on September 30. The Conservancy board will evaluate the level of service, its benefits and the cost at the end of this trial period.  If park visitors find the services to be beneficial and fundraising levels permit us, we will resume the program in Spring 2014.