Update and Thank You


Dear Neighbors,

Happy fall from Abingdon Square Conservancy!  As we approach the end of the new Conservancy’s second full year of operations and put the gardens to bed for the winter, we'd like to provide an update on our progress and say thank you very much to all our donors for gifts both large and small. Because the operations and maintenance of the Square are dependent on private donations, its improving condition is only possible because of the generosity of people like you.


As part of our efforts to make the Square more beautiful and welcoming in all seasons, the Conservancy has embarked upon a multi-year project to increase the variety, density and health of the plantings.  We are also focused on the cleanliness and improved overall maintenance of the Square.

Plantings & Gardening

Susan Sipos, principal of Gardens of Distinction, serves as the Square's Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer.  The following horticultural tasks were completed in 2014:

  • East and West perimeter garden beds were redesigned in the spring (North bed delayed until 2015 due to budget constraints); mature evergreens and flowering shrubs were planted, including boxwoods, yews, pieris and azaleas;
  • Hundreds of flowering summer annuals were installed in the center island, and new shrubs and perennials planted in the perimeter garden beds;
  • Much-needed pruning of all understory and London Plane trees was completed;
  • Compost, soil and fertilizer were added to all of the garden beds in the spring and fall;
  • Ongoing care for the plantings was performed: weeding, deadheading, pruning and replacement;
  • About 9,600 spring bulbs were planted this month, including tulips, windflowers, crocus, chionodoxa, galanthus and allium; and
  • Eight yards of mulch was distributed to tuck in the bulbs for the winter!

Groundskeeping & Maintenance

The Conservancy employs Ramon Valdez as the Square's part-time groundskeeper.  In addition to the City's trash collection, Ramon and his crew haul out garbage and sweep in the Square once or twice daily during "high season" from April 1 to November 30, and provide other maintenance as needed, including:

  • Sweeping paths and clearing trash from the gardens;
  • Hosing down the bluestone paths weekly;
  • Emptying NYC garbage receptacles outside the Square;
  • Ongoing repair and maintenance of irrigation system;
  • Repainting post & chains around garden beds and lawn; and
  • Clearing fall leaves from paths and gardens.

Special Thanks

Residential Buildings

A few buildings near the Square, recognizing the value to residents of having a beautiful and well-maintained park nearby, have contributed to Abingdon Square annually for several years, providing a critical foundation of support and continuity. This year, our newest neighbor The Abingdon has joined in support:

  • 299 W 12th Street
  • 302 W 12th Street
  • 75 Bank Street
  • 320 W 12th Street (The Abingdon)

Adopt-A-Bed Donors

The following individual donors made significant contributions, adopting one of the Square’s ten flowerbeds for part or all of the three growing seasons in 2014.

Three Growing Seasons

  • Susan Boland and Kelly Granat
  • Rich Lo and Joe Mayock 

Two Growing Seasons

  • Stephen Foster and Russell Saray - in honor of George and Joan Saray

One Growing Season

  • Anonymous
  • Lynne and Larry Block
  • Kate Bostock
  • Samuel Deutsch and Alexander Lopez
  • Madeline Dowling
  • David Lapham and Clark Mitchell
  • Barbara Lorber
  • Jeff and Cynthia Penney
  • Herb Sambol
  • Lois Teich

Advisory Board

Founded in February 2014, the Advisory Board is composed of leading members of the West Village community who have made an extraordinary commitment to the Conservancy's mission of restoring, enhancing, and maintaining the Square. The Advisory Board’s current membership is as follows:  

  • Virginia Davies, Chairand Willard Taylor
  • J. Goodwin Bland and Michael Katovitz
  • Susan Boland and Kelly Granat
  • Natane Boudreau
  • Ginevra Caltagirone
  • Dan and Brooke Neidich
  • Herb Sambol

And finally, thank you to the local businesses and each and every one of the hundreds of individuals who have contributed to our Conservancy's efforts this year (See ASC’s 2014 Annual Report for a complete list of donors). Thanks to you, 2015 will be our best year ever. See you in the Square!

Best Regards,

H. Todd Hittle

Chair, Board of Directors

Abingdon Square Conservancy